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Roland Davis interview with Westboro Baptists Church spokesperson

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In August 2005, PFC Villatoro, Jr. a resident of Bakersfield serving in Iraq was killed by a IED bomb & The Westboro Baptist Church had planned to protest at this military funeral.  A few days prior KERN Newstalk 1410 reporter Roland Davis completed an interview with spokesperson Patty Roper from the Westboro Baptist Church.  The interview has also been aired on KERN, KGEO & nationally on the Rusty Humphries Show.  For people seeking more information on The Westboro Baptist Church it's best to try

The Westboro Baptist Church Websites

God Hates Fags

God Hates America

God Hates Sweden

God Hates Canada

Parodies Websites

God Hates Shrimp

God Hates Figs

God Hates Globes

God Hates The Westboro Baptist Church



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