In The Raw is a 2009 documentary film about Lubricated Goat’s nude appearance on Australian TV.


In November 1988, Australian television had an unlikely nude incident take place. Unlike the Janet Jackson nipplegate saga, it was no costume malfunction. ABC TV’s youth programming flagship ‘Blah Blah Blah’ featured Sydney noise group Lubricated Goat completely in the nude (squashing the last remaining taboo on Australian Television male nudity). The following days proved to be a bonanza for the media giving mileage to radio shock jocks and tabloids alike. When all the fuss had settled I managed to interview Lubricated Goat for a fanzine I was running at the time. It was during this interview that I heard Lubricated Goat’s side of the nude appearance. 1: They were asked to appear nude 2: Maintained that they were actually confused for another band ‘No More Bandicoots’, an act that regularly appeared nude at their gigs. While I never got around to releasing that fanzine, that story has always remained in my mind. In 2002 I started a documentary that would bring the truth behind one of the most bizarre moments in both Australian music and television history. In The Raw debuted at the 19th Meredith Music Festival Outlands Ecoplex Cinema. Due to licencing issues, the film is seldom screened, and this You Tube is of an early rough edit.




Director/Interviewer/Researcher/Camera Operator
Cousin Creep


Jannine Barnes


Michael Green


New York Crew
Interview/Camera – Jason Summers


Seattle Crew
Camera – Jimmy Walters III
Location Manager – Martin Bland


Additional Researcher
Shane Browne


Gore Hill Dramatization Unit 
Director – Grant Scicluna
Camera – Franc Biffone


Post Production
Michael Green (Drift Media)


Thanks to all who participated in the interviews
Paddy Conroy
Marty Coombes
Andrew Denton
Mark Fitzgerald
Bruce Griffiths
Peter Hartley
David Hill
Guy Maddison
Andy Nehl
Peter Read
Stu Spasm
Adrian Hornblower
Barry Terzic
Charles Tolnay


Special Thanks
Jason and Kate at Magic Umbrella Films, Ursula at Enough Rope, Freya Elizabeth, Tex Perkins, Chris Cashel, Caroline Birkett, Aspasia,  Jamie Leonarder, John Foy, Dario Bulfone, Hamish MacKenzie, Harry Butler of DNA Magazine, 3RRR, Howlin Productions, Rob Buttery, Beth Knowles, Ian McFarlane, Ian Underwood, Jon Keyes, Lachlan McLeod, Luke Roberts,  Jeff Halls, John from Axolotl, Lynne Skromeda, Richard Kingsmill,  Jimmy Walters III, Shane Browne, Tracee Hutchison, and Ben Butler.


Filmed on location in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Seattle & New York.


LINKS:  IMDBLubricated Goat